Technology including PCs are part of our everyday lives and an issue occurs it can be frustrating. Question comes on everyone’s mind how should I choose a computer repair shop to fix a PC issue?

Well of course here in the Phoenix area, there are so many computer repair shops to choose from whose services along with prices vary.

The Top 5 Factors When Choosing a Computer Repair Shop.

  1. Prices

One of the most important factors to look into when it comes to computer repair is the cost. Do they charge a diagnostic fee, most shops do charge such a fee which typically run from $20 to even high as $80. How is the per hr rate they charge. With the cost of computers being much lower compared to 10-20 years ago, if the prices are high enough it may make repairing your PC issue not worth it.

  1. Honesty

Trustworthiness and honesty are another important factor in the process of selecting a computer repair company. Some computer repair places try to sell you things and/or repairs you may not really need. A good computer repair place will be honest with not just pricing but on what the actual needs of the customer are.

  1. Experience

Third most important thing to look for is how long have the employees of the repair place been doing computer repair work. Since PC issues sometimes can be a tough task to diagnose, the average experience someone should have is at least 4 years. Places like Geek Squad will hire anyone who does not have the experience in working with repair of computers which can mean an incorrect diagnosis of problem.

  1. Turn Around Time

Fourth thing to look for in a PC repair shop is how long is the turnaround time, do they have the parts on hand to complete the repair in a timely manner. If requesting on-site (In-home or at your business site) is same day service available.

  1. Insurance

In general, all businesses should have some sort of liability insurance. When it comes to computer repair businesses, insurance should be one thing to look for.

Laptop Computer-Repair-Shop-Phoenix

In conclusion, those are the top 5 things to look for when selecting a computer repair shop. At D-Boy PC Enterprises, we specialize in fair repair rates low as $79 flat labor charge (plus parts if required and any sales taxes). No diagnostic fee for in-shop repairs. If on-site computer repair / IT services are needed, the first hour and a half is $99 then $69 per hour broken down in 15 min increments (Plus any required parts and sales tax).

When it comes to honesty, D-Boy PC Enterprises takes that very seriously and we will never sell you a repair and/or part you don’t need. For experience at D-Boy PC Enterprises, we offer a combined experience of 40 years repairs PC / IT issues. We have extensive knowledge in hardware along with Microsoft Windows.

In addition, we do have a good working experience with common software programs. In regard to turn around time, D-Boy PC Enterprises makes it a goal to achieve same day service for any customer needing in-home / on-site computer repairs. For in-shop repairs, we do strive for most repairs to be done in 1-2 days and we keep an inventory of common parts that may need replacing.

Last with insurance, D-Boy PC Enterprises is a fully insured business. If you have a computer repair issue, please either call or text us today for assistance you need at a fair reasonable price.